July 2014

The “Participation Gap” You Haven’t Heard About

Harvard professor and researcher Robert Putnam—renown for his ’bowling alone’ thesis of American anomie—has turned his attention in recent years to growing levels of inequality between young people. While his extensive research project on this topic continues, you can get a sense of his preliminary findings from his working paper “Growing Class Gaps in Social Connectedness among American Youth” (2012). This paper focuses on the widening gap between the experiences of middle and upper class youth and their less affluent peers since the 1990s, and how these experiences affect everything from future earnings and levels of educational attainment to social capital, civic engagement, and feelings of self-worth. Spoiler alert: lower class students are not faring so well.

Leaving Behind "No Child"?

What is known in polite circles as No Child Left Behind has many roots in Texas. Many recall that this signature accomplishment of George W. Bush's presidency was based on an expansion of the testing regime he'd promoted in Texas while governor there.
But the history and the connections to Texas go back further, and Texas may just be where to look for clues about the future of national education policy.

Hungry for design? . . . A recipe to design a book

Here's how to design a successful book that will engage a countless number of kids for generations to come.

Content and Software: Partners in Education

Everyone at Six Red Marbles understands that you need to consider the whole user experience, including content, software, and many other factors, if you’re going to develop a curriculum that engages students and helps them to achieve mastery.