Curriculum Content Development

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Content for Pre-K and K-12

Our editors cut their teeth in the classroom and at leading PK-12 content development companies such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Holt McDougal, Brown Publishing Network, Little Brown & Company, Microsoft Press, Pearson, and Scholastic, as well as schools and startups. Read More.

Content for Higher Education

Today’s higher education landscape has moved beyond the traditional four-year college experience to include a wide array of options, including online learning and distance learning, blended learning, project-based learning, competency-based education (CBE) and personalized learning, and MOOCs. Read More.

Professional Development

Six Red Marbles’ Learning Experience Design TM team works with in-house digital media experts and client services managers to ensure that our workforce training products meet corporate and learner needs in a way that user experience design practices alone cannot. Read More.