Learning Experience Design™

Learning Experience Design™ (LX or LX Design)—a synthesis of instructional design, educational pedagogy, neuroscience, social sciences, design thinking, and UI/UX—is critical for any organization looking to compete in the modern educational marketplace. Today, publishers, new start-ups, technology companies, and school districts are all vying for limited market share. And Six Red Marbles’ Learning Experience Design™ team provides smart organizations an edge over the competition by identifying and testing product risks early in the development cycle—avoiding costly changes during the more expensive production phase. The LX team focuses holistically on the product, the learner, and—unlike much of our competition—the learner’s peers and environment. This holistic approach produces learning experiences that are novel, engaging, impactful, and memorable. Learning Experience Design™ influences all phases of a project, from initial discovery phase, rapid prototyping, evidence-based learning, and concept refinement to rigorous learner testing and production oversight. From the developmental challenges of pre-K–12 learning, to the expanding online higher education market or the effective, low-cost designing of professional development materials, the Learning Experience Design™ team at Six Red Marbles is eager to work with you to create the most competitive learning materials in the marketplace.