Learning Experience Design™ A11Y

Accessibility that is focused on the nuances of learning, not an IT platform running tests to ensure color ratios (but we can do that, too).

Our version of accessibility is inherently different from that of other companies. We focus on the learner and the learning environment, providing a dynamic foundation from which to approach accessibility. Regardless of the level of conformance your organization is aiming for—Section 508 or WCAG 2.0 A, AA, or AAA—we can develop learning materials to precisely meet your needs. And because the possibilities are endless, we can design learning experiences that are not only comparable for a disabled user, but engaging, intuitive, and thought-provoking. Our pedagogical approach to accessibility allows teachers to use many of the same techniques for instruction as they would for non-disabled students. We consider the journey, not just the information, designed to engage all learners, and develop their sense of patterns and their ability to sort information and make connections—irrespective of their physical and mental abilities. When it comes to compliance, there are models for websites and tools to test content, but the dynamic nature of learning cannot be tested with manual and automated tools—it needs to be developed with exacting detail before any test could even be considered. Our deeply rooted knowledge guides this strategy, maintaining both time-honored and cutting-edge instructional styles that enhance a student’s journey. Let us help you to reach all of your students through amazing, engaging, accessible Learning Experience Design.