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Six Red Marbles is the largest U.S.-based agency focused exclusively on learning experience design and development. We work with publishers, education organizations, schools and universities, corporations, and technology partners to create powerful and meaningful experiences for learners of all ages by tailoring our approach to each client and project while focusing on the learning outcomes we all want.

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  • Case Study: Teaching Strategies

    The Learning Experience Design™ team at Six Red Marbles provided Teaching Strategies with three innovative approaches that addressed their professional development needs. Each option considered the solution from a different perspective by placing emphasis on different aspects of the learning experience. From this pool of ideas, Teaching Strategies had a diverse set of options to consider, all of which they knew to be viable due to their basis in the SRM team’s careful consideration of goals, constraints, and learner needs. Teaching Strategies can now confidently and enthusiastically take their next step based on the sound design foundation SRM helped to put in place.

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  • Case Study: American Student Assistance

    American Student Assistance (ASA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate college students and recent alumni about financial literacy to enable their successful repayment of student loans. Their online financial education membership program, SALT, provides “simple, smart, personalized ways for college students and recent graduates to take control of their student debt and manage their finances.” ASA engaged Six Red Marbles to redesign twelve lessons to improve student engagement and effectiveness.

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  • Case Study: Discovery Education

    Discovery Education LLC approached Six Red Marbles to partner in the design and development of a revolutionary all-digital “Techbook” for middle and high school math across all subjects. Their existing Techbook model engaged students with dynamic media and content, but they wanted Math Techbook to do something far greater: foster deep understanding and a true appreciation of the beauty and usefulness of math through a completely student-driven, inquiry-based approach. This was to be no traditional textbook!

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  • Learning Adventure: Juba®

    Kid-driven and teacher-guided, Juba® (Swahili for "fearless") is an online, interactive learning adventure for children ages 3 and up. The program nurtures early learners’ desire to explore, create, and share by immersing them in a digital world of multisensory imagination, discovery, and storytelling.

    Developed through our Natural Learning Approach™, Juba combines tribal pedagogy (learning by necessity, imitation, and storytelling) and principles of neuroscientific research. This whole-brain learning adventure integrates left-brain (sequential, analytical, systems-based) activities and right-brain (holistic, synthetic, and creative) stimuli.

  • Learning Adventure: Waza®

    Waza® (Zulu for "think") sends kids in grades K–1 on an online, intergalactic adventure through basic math. As they journey across five distinct galaxies to rescue adorable creatures called Wuffles, Waza makes heroes out of kids who focus and solve problems.

    Developed through our Natural Learning Approach™, Waza combines tribal pedagogy (learning by necessity, imitation, and storytelling) and principles of neuroscientific research. Through game play, it builds math competence, including work on estimation of quantity, 1:1 correspondence, and sequencing. It tracks student progress, and the Adaptive Curriculum automatically adjusts to meet every kid’s needs.

  • Role-play Learning: Cabanga®

    Cabanga® (Zulu for "imagine") is an online activity that makes middle school math relevant and fun. Students role-play as celebrity talent agents, applying core math concepts, methods, principles, and techniques to achieve business success. Developed through our Natural Learning Approach™, Cabanga combines tribal pedagogy (learning by necessity, imitation and story-telling) and principles of neuroscientific research. Cabanga builds 21st century skills using project-based learning, including critical thinking, problem solving, analyzing information, and entrepreneurialism. An in-game leaderboard breeds healthy competition.