Our Six Core Principles

Science Knows Best

Six Red Marbles’ evidence-based approach means that we start with proven research in neuroscience, education, the social sciences, and consumer design practices, we embed these ideas into our product content and design, and then we test them out with target users.

Social Pedagogy Works

Research has found that learning is a social behavior influenced by situational factors. For instance, learners working together are typically more engaged, more motivated, and more likely to retain information than a learner working alone. And learners working on real-world problems in class better understand how their education is relevant outside of class.

Curriculum Must Adapt

The traditional model of students, classrooms, courses, and assessments is less appealing to a mobile 21st century population of lifelong learners navigating a rapidly changing world. Learners are starting to gravitate toward innovative models that provide them a personalized learning path, allow them to work easily on mobile devices, encourage them to work at their own pace, offer them credit for life experiences, and feature interactive, multimedia, and social media elements.

Play Is Productive

Six Red Marbles understands that learners have a wide variety of motivations for showing up to class. The best instruction encourages all learners to think critically—even playfully—about problems and solutions. Classic hands-on learning techniques and innovative digital products can encourage learners to practice developing skills in a risk-free environment. Game-based learning promotes mastery and learning through repetition, feedback, competition, and rewards.

Choose the Right Technology

CMS. LMS. MOOCs. Competency-based learning. Blended learning. Distance learning. Educational technology is growing, and there are hundreds of ways to deliver information to your learners. But there is usually only one best way to reach them. The power of technology can facilitate great learning, but only if it is used wisely. Six Red Marbles is fluent in all the latest technology trends, and can understand what will work—or will not work—for your users and their unique needs.

Easy See, Easy Do

Every program we make is easy to use, because steep learning curves can undermine learning. Six Red Marbles designs intuitive interfaces so anyone—students, parents, educators, administrators—can engage with them quickly and easily. We keep our technology invisible, so people connect with content and experiences.