Professional Development

  • Six Red Marbles designs innovative and cost-effective professional development training materials for corporate, non-profit, and education clients.  
  • We know how to leverage learning sciences best practices to create engaging professional development activities for busy and reluctant adult learners.

Do you really need to pay a full-time instructional designer to oversee your workforce development program? Six Red Marbles can provide professional development training materials for a fraction of the cost. Smart companies are mindful of the need to both expand their workforce, and to ensure that the skills of their current employees are aligned with corporate objectives on an ongoing basis. Mastering new information—and discarding old, outdated content—can be a challenging task, especially for an experienced (and often reluctant) learner. Unlike most user experience and instructional design agencies, Six Red Marbles’ work is deeply rooted in the learning sciences. We understand that successful effective professional development, learning and retention hinges on engaging the learner’s unique cognitive and behavioral dispositions. Six Red Marbles’ Learning Experience Design™ team works with in-house experts and client services managers to ensure that our workforce training products meet professional development strategies and workforce education needs in a way that user experience design practices alone cannot.