Project Management Services

  • Six Red Marbles' Project Management team provides proven process and tools for maximum effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency.
  • The team oversees all facets of a project throughout the life cycle, from preliminary stages to final quality checks and postmortem analyses.

Six Red Marbles understands that making projects run smoothly is equal parts art and science, and therefore, we provide smart, dedicated people, and proven processes and tools.

Our Project Management team excels at:

  • Managing financials
  • Communicating effectively across project teams
  • Identifying key performance indicators and critical success factors
  • Managing the process with measurable data
  • Evaluating performance with a quantitative and qualitative postmortem

Six Red Marbles’ project management team analyzes all data points of a project, from on-time deliveries and average calendar days for return of materials at each phase to budgets to overall duration of a single script implementation. We create custom online dashboards with program, component, and task details along with high-level schedule rollup and progress indicators. And at the end of the day, we remember that it’s people that make projects successful and that how we communicate makes all the difference.